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Date & Place


*All trainings are subject to change and are tentative until confirmed.
NC = Not yet confirmed.
June 13-15 
Tucson, Arizona

 Family Foundations 11th and 12th
Tucson, Arizona Training
Key of Liberty
Sword of Freedom & Hero Project
Quest 1 & 2
Shakespeare Conquest
Classical Acting (One evening) NC
Pyramid Project
Family Foundations 11th and 12th
June 20-22 

(Near Portland, Oregon) 
Northwest Training in Portland (Aloha) Oregon
Key of Liberty
Shakespeare Conquest
Pyramid Project
Sword of Freedom & Hero Project
Quest I & II
Quest III
July 11-13 
(In Ogden)
July 10: Classical Acting
Salt Lake City, UT Training
Key of Liberty
Sword of Freedom/Hero Project
Pyramid Project
Quest 1 & 2
Quest 3
Shakespeare Conquest
Classical Acting on the July 10th - NC
Family Foundations - Moved to online
Liber Community Series -Moved online
Edison Project 
July 15-19 
East Coast

Raleigh, North Carolina 
East Coast Training
July 15, 16 & 17
Quest 3
LEMI Philosophy for all July 17th 9 am
July 17, 18 & 19
Key of Liberty

June 27-29
St. George, UT

St. George Training
Sword of Freedom/ Hero Project
Pyramid Project
Quest 1 & 2

San Marcos (Escondido) California
July 23-25
Escondido, CA - July 23-25 
Key of LIberty - NC
Sword of Freedom & Hero Project - NC
Shakespeare - NC
Quest 1 & 2 - NC
Quest 3 - NC
Pyramid Project - NC
Family Foundations - NC (July 23-25)
Classical Acting - NC
Edison - NC
EARLY Bird Sale till June 7th!  Only CA
NC = the training is Not yet Confirmed.
No Texas training this year. Arlington/Dallas, Texas - Cancelled
 Online Trainings
Dates TBA
 Online Trainings and Dates
Key of Liberty Aug 1-3 Confirmed
Sword of Freedom/Hero 
Aug 15-17, Confirmed
Pyramid Project Aug 8-10 Confirmed
Quest 1 & 2 Aug 5-7 Confirmed
Quest 3 Jul 1-3 Confirmed
Georgics July 25-27 NC
Shakespeare Conquest  Aug 12-14 NC
Classical Acting Aug 15-17 NC
Family Foundations NC
Edison Aug 12-14 NC
Early Bird Sale till June 1st



Required Pre-Reading for Training
(What you need to read to be prepared to 
participate in your class.)

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LEMI Mentor Training Prices

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Other classes may be available upon demand. If you would like to host a training in your area, or if you are interested in taking a training scroll down and fill out the form below.


In addition to the 3 day training, training prices include 9 months of phone conference mentoring support, website access to classic calls, and mentor reporting.

Type of Registration This year's special Early Bird Price Regular Price
New Mentors  $375     $450
Returning Mentors (Been trained, new course)  $340     $400
Brush-Up (Been trained, same course)  $150     $200
Youth (Young assistant mentors, not adults)  $225     $250
Spouse (in same course, time and place)  $200     $225

Switch Course Fee 
$30 - To switch courses, location or transfer registration to another person. 

$15 switch fee before Early Bird Deadline.

Sword of Freedom & The Hero Project are now a full project together.

If you have had one of the two projects before, the cost will be $200 instead of full price.

 If you were trained in Pyramid Project the year it included Georgics, Georgics is $200 instead of full price, but you will have to email to let us know so we can adjust the price on your order.

Classical Acting  (Must have prior or concurrent Shakespeare training.)
$90 plus $20 manual.  (One Evening Training.)

LEMI Philosophy
Separate Course-not a full training, but good for beginners.

LEMI Philosophy Pricing
$100 per person.  FREE if registered in advance with the form below.

 (All regular Trainings include LEMI Philosophy or "How to Mentor your Teen.") 



mi Philosophy Registration
"How to Mentor Your Teen"

   1st morning of each Live Training
Click the link below!

Presented on the first day at all on-site locations

8:15-8:45am    Check in, for SLC 
8:45 - 9am       Check in for other locations.

9am - Noon     "How to Mentor Teens Through Scholar Phase"

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