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LEMI Mentor Training 2017
Training Schedule.

Edison Online Training August 30-Sept. 1st
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Date & Place Mentoring Training Projects
 June 1-3, San Antonio, TX Done
April 15th, June 6-9
East Coast, Roanoke, VA
 June 8-10
Tucson, AZ

June 22-24, Vancouver, WA Done
June 29-July 1, Washington,UT
 July 13-15 in  SLC Area
North Star Academy 2920 W 14000 S, Bluffdale, UT 84065

 July 13, 17&18th in SLC area (July 13 LEMI Philosophy in Bluffdale) 2920 W 14000 S
July 20-22, San Diego, CA Key of Liberty, Sword & Hero, Pyramid Project, Quest 3, Shakespeare Conquest, Classical Acting
 Online Projects:

The Edison Project: Aug 30,31 & Sept 1st.  
The following projects are done.
Liber Community Series
Quest 1&2: July 25-27
Georgics: July 25-27
Shakespeare Conquest: July 25-27
Key of Liberty: July 27-29
Classical Acting Aug 1
Pyramid Project Aug 3-5
Sword of Freedom & Hero Project: Aug 2-4 


Required Pre-Reading for Training
(What you need to read to be prepared to 
participate in your 3 day class.)
Click on links to purchase selections from LEMI.

All Trainings read these two books:

A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille (2nd Edition) 

The Student Whisperer by Oliver DeMille and Tiffany Earl

Key of Liberty

The Making of America (up to pg. 231, be familiar with the rest) by Cleon Skousen

Freedom Factor by Gerald Lund

Sword of Freedom/ Hero Project

Battle Cry of Freedom by James M. McPherson (start it, don’t need to finish it)

The Greatest Generation by Tom Brocaw (Read the intro and about ten individuals)

 Hiroshima by John Hersey


Georgics by Virgil  

Vital Remnants: America's Founding and the Western Tradition edited by Gary L. Gregg [Just Chapter 2 (p.33) The Founders as Farmers:The Greek Georgic Tradition And The Founders]

Little Men by Louisa May Alcott.

Shakespeare Conquest

Friendly Shakespeare by Norrie Epstein and Shakespeare for Dummies by John Doyle and Ray Lischner

Hamlet Cliffsnotes Complete version

Classical Acting

Come to class prepared with a monologue from Shakespeare ready to perform.

Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

Clues to Acting Shakespeare by Van Tassel

Pyramid Project

Inteligro Math by Tiffany Earl (Available through LEMI)

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham

The Philosophy Book, Big Ideas Simply Explained (published by DK)

Read the following sections: Pages 12-29, pages 42-43, pages 46-66, and pages 68-71

Bring for Lecture and Activity Resources: Each Mentor will be asked to prepare a Lecture, Discussion, Activity, and possibly an Experiment

Mathematicians are People Too by Luetta and Wilbert Reimer

Scientists Who Changed the World (available through LEMI)

Quest I & II 

Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card (You will be leading part of a colloquium on this book.)

Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther by Roland Bainton  OR  A Place to Stand: The Word of God in the Life of Martin Luther by Gene E. Veith (Pick one or the other to read for a colloquium & paper on Luther.)

Listen to “FORMS & the 21st Century” Free audio download.

A Thomas Jefferson Education (2nd Edition) by Oliver DeMille  

Quest III

Understanding the Times by David A. Noebel (read the chapters on Secular Humanism)

The Five Thousand Year Leap by Cleon Skousen (you don’t have to read the entire book but will be writing a paper applying one of the principles to a current event)

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey (read first section and Habit 1)

Humanist Manifesto (available online, reading the Humanist

Manifesto II is helpful as well)

Brown v. Board of Education. The recommended book is Great Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court edited by Maureen Harrison and Steve Gilbert, published by Barnes and Noble Books ISBN 0-7607-3537-9. (You will be writing a legal brief with your team, so you may want to do some research on how to do that)

The Edison Project

The Secret to Wealth: Master the Six Creative Powers” Audio CD from LEMI. Click Here to use the Coupon Code “Edison” for a 70% Discount

The Element by Ken Robinson (You can get it on Kindle Edition even if you don’t own a Kindle, to read on your computer, smartphone, or iPad at

"Seasons" Audio Download from LEMI. Click Here to use the Coupon Code Calls4Training for a 70% Discount

 Specific books will be chosen by each student in their area of interest.

Liber Community Series

A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille (2nd Edition)

The New Commonwealth School by Aneladee Milne and Tiffany Earl

The Inner Ring by C.S. Lewis (Found in The Weight of Glory)

Bring a copy of The Five Thousand Year Leap, by Cleon Skousen (don’t need to pre-read, but bring to training)

Listen to “FORMS & the 21st Century” Audio download. Click Here to download for free.

Little Britches by Ralph Moody (Added recently) Read for Colloquium

Write a one page paper on The Inner Ring, and bring it with you to training.

You will be glad you did!

LEMI Mentor Training Prices

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Other classes may be available upon demand. If you would like to host a training in your area, scroll down and fill out the form below.


In addition to the 3 day training, training prices include 9 months of phone conference mentoring support, website access to classic calls, and mentor reporting.

Type of Registration This year's special Early Bird Price Regular Price
New Mentors  $375     $450
Returning Mentors (Been trained, new course)  $340     $400
Brush-Up (Been trained, same course)  $150     $200
Youth (Young assistant mentors, not adults)  $225     $250
Spouse (in same course, time and place)  $200     $225

Switch Course Fee 
$30 - To switch courses, location or transfer registration to another person. 

$15 switch fee before Early Bird Deadline.

Sword of Freedom & The Hero Project are now a full project together.

If you have had one of the two projects before, the cost will be $200 instead of full price.

 If you were trained in Pyramid Project the year it included Georgics, Georgics is $200 instead of full price, but you will have to email to let us know so we can adjust the price on your order.

Classical Acting  (Must have prior or concurrent Shakespeare training.)
$90 plus $20 manual.  (One Evening Training.)

LEMI Philosophy
Separate Course-not a full training, but good for beginners- LEMI Philosophy -
$50 per person.  (Free while seats last at live events.)

 (LEMI Philosophy is included in the regular training, except Sword of Freedom and Hero Project.) 



mi Philosophy
"How to Mentor Your Teen"

   1st morning of each Live Training

Presented on the first day at all on-site locations

8:15-8:45am    Check in, for SLC 
8:45 - 9am       Check in for other locations.

9am - Noon     "How to Mentor Teens Through Scholar Phase"

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