Williamsburg forms

Parents must request that Certification record be sent to Williamsburg.

(Email Officelemi@gmail.com) 

LEMI honors the privacy of the Families and Students.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      LEMI - Williamsburg Transfer Agreement


LEMI Class Certifications

Williamsburg Academy Credit(s) Awarded

1- Sword of Freedom Certificate
2- Key of Liberty Certificate

3- Quest  Levels 1, 2 & 3 Certificate

1- U.S. History A & B (1 Social Studies Credit)

2- Language Arts 9 A & B (1 Language Arts Credit)

3- Personal Leadership A & B (1 Leadership Credit)

Shakespeare Conquest (must certify and have a role in the play)

Theater Foundations (0.5 Fine Arts Credit per Shakespeare class completed, 1.0 credit maximum)

1- Pyramid Project Certificate

2-Pass LEMI’s Pre-algebra Exam

Pre-algebra A & B (1 Math Credit)

1- Pyramid Project Certificate

2-Pass LEMI’s Earth Science Exam

Earth Science A & B (1 Science Credit)


1.     Students must complete all courses in the box on the left to receive the credits in the corresponding box on the right. No partial credit awarded.

2.     LEMI administers the Pre-algebra and Earth Science exams.  Contact officelemi@gmail.com to set up an exam.

3.     To receive credit, complete and submit the Credit Transfer Form to LEMI by July 15th.

* Certifications and tests must be complete before applying for Transfer Credit.

    Download a pdf of the Certification Request Form.  Click Here
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