Williamsburg forms

Parents must request that Certification record be sent to Williamsburg or LAU or other institution.

(Email Officelemi@gmail.com) 

LEMI honors the privacy of the Families and Students.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      LEMI - Williamsburg Transfer Agreement


LEMI Class Certifications

Williamsburg Academy Credit(s) Awarded

Sword of Freedom & Hero Project U.S.History 2
 Quest 1 & 2 Writing A & B including Computer Tech
 Quest 3  U.S. Government
 Shakespeare Conquest  or Classical Acting
 Pyramid Project Earth Science or a science elective
 Math certification Credit for Math level achieved
 Georgics Plant and Soil Science
 Edison Project Elective Course depending on project completed


* Certifications and tests must be complete before applying for Transfer Credit.

    Download a pdf of the Certification Request Form.  Click Here
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