Approved Uses
  • Curriculum and books
  • School supplies—paper, pencils, notebooks, scissors, tape, etc.
  • Art and music supplies
  • Zoo passes or admission fees to museums or other educational facilities (Reimbursed for the cost of the student's ticket price only, even if included in a family ticket.)
  • Lessons—any musical (voice, instrument, dance), martial arts, tumbling, etc.
  • Purchase or rental of musical instrument (if enrolled in music lessons)
  • Computer including laptop, iPad, e-readers, monitor, printer, hard drive, etc., and related supplies or repairs 
  • Microscopes and other science supplies
  • Gym or Recreation Center memberships or admission fees (student individual passes only)

Not Approved Uses
  • Home repair
  • Clothes, including clothing needed for any lessons (dance) or activities (PE)
  • Groceries
  • Personal expenses
  • Participation fees for sports camps, athletic teams or leagues, or musical groups/ensembles
  • Religious books and materials
  • Furniture (desks, chairs, bookcases, etc.)



Q) When will LEMI start sending out reimbursements?
Reimbursement are sent in 3 payments.
  $100 can be sent out in reimbursements in November, if you have receipts and the reimbursement form turned in.

For those (K-6 and apprentice scholar programs)

If eligible for $500 in reimbursements:
(Electives or other options may reduce the amount.)

  • $100 in receipts turned in before November 1st.
  • $200 in receipts if turned in before February 1st.
  • $200 in receipts turned in by April 30th. 
  • Receipts of less than $100 per child will wait for more receipts to be turned in before reimbursement.  If another child from the same family has receipts in excess of $100, we may send them together.
Edison Project Students - Email us the name and contact information of your Edison Mentor.

You may opt to have LEMI provide classes or pay for classes for you or even reimburse expenses for educational projects you are working on.

        Either send us receipts to reimburse for classes or the name of an Edison Project mentor to pay.
Payment will also be divided into 3 amounts according to the schedule above.  Divide the total reimbursements by 3.

Remember, your receipts must be turned in and shown as "Paid" prior to reimbursement.

Q) If I do not turn in receipts by November 1st, do I lose that opportunity?
A) No, You may turn all receipts in any time until the deadline of April 30th.  For example, if you wait and do not turn in any receipts until you turn in $530 in receipts on April 3rd, and have $500 amount to work with.  You will be reimbursed the $500 amount some time in May.

Q) Can I turn my receipts in any time?
A) Yes. But you can turn them in any time, but we will wait to reimburse until the total meets or exceeds $100. And please only submit up to 3 reimbursement forms per child.

Q) When can I start making my purchases?
A) Once you have received enrollment confirmation. Please remember to save your receipts or they cannot be reimbursed.

Q) How long will it take to be reimbursed?
A)  If your receipts are turned in, then the reimbursements will be as written above.

Q) If I have more than one child, can I combine their incentive money and make one purchase?
A) Yes

Q) What Can I Purchase?
A) We ask that your purchases be directly related to the education of your child. Please see the “Approved and not approved” list above.

Q) What’s the deadline to submit receipts and forms?
A) April 30th, 2015

Q) Can I keep the items purchased with the Incentive?
A) Yes.

Q) What if I go over the my incentive amount?
A) You will need to make up the difference out of your own pocket, we can only reimburse you the amount advertised.

Q) What if I withdraw before the end of the school year?
A) If you withdraw before the end of the school year, the incentive money will need to be returned to LEMI.

Q) What if I only have receipts for $90 and I should get $100 on that date?
A) We will wait until you have turned in $100 to reimburse you.  However in May all remaining reimbursements will be made, no matter how small.

Q) What if I have all my quota of receipts by the first pay-out date, can I have it all at once?
A)  You CAN turn in all your receipts at once.  LEMI will still need to follow the pay-out dates that are listed above.

Q) Do I need to be reporting in order to get our reimbursements?
A) Yes.  But to MyTechHigh/TechTrep.  LEMI just needs to know that you are reporting.

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