Parent Mentoring

Parent Mentoring is vital to your child's success in helping her to reach her Infinite Potential.

Your role as a Parent is paramount to any other influence in your child's life.

3 LEMI Tools For Your Success As a
Parent Mentor

1. "The Power of Parent Mentoring"--Learn The Vital Steps for successful Parent Mentoring in our Audio Seminar with hand-outs.  6 + hours of audio instruction including the following:
  • Your child's love language
  • Your child's personality type
  • Your love language
  • Your personality type
  • The 7 Vital Systems for Family Success

2. "Conference Calls Series: Live Mentoring by LEMI".  Take advantage of LEMI's LIVE mentoring through our Conference Calls series.  This includes 8 LIVE Conference Calls as well as 10 Parent Mentoring Classic Calls on mp3 CD selected specially for Parent Mentors.

Parent Mentoring Classic Calls include:
  • "Spiritual Eyes"
  • "The 7 Types of Mentors"
  • "The Law of The Wall"
  • "How to Inspire Greatness in Others"
  • "Seasons"
  • "5 Levels of Communication"  and more...!

3. "LEMI Philosophy: Webinar or Seminar". Understand your role in helping to give your child the Vision, Mission, Abilities,Skills, and Knowledge necessary for Success by understanding LEMI Philosophy. 

Do any one of these three, or do them all for a special "Parent Mentor Package" deal.

Parent Mentor Package Deal: Value:  $300
Recieve All Three Products above for only $200  

Parent Mentoring Seminars

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