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Key of Liberty
Download All Key of Liberty documents in a word doc

"How to Produce a Show - Part 1"- Conference Call

Part 2 handout
"How to Produce a Show - Part 2" Conference Call

Part 3 handout

Liber Community Series

All materials contained in Mentor manual 
(Open to suggestions of helpful materials.)

Sword of Freedom 
All materials currently contained in Mentor Manual

Pyramid Project
Teacher Helps Power Point 1
Teacher Helps Power Point 2
Pre-Algebra Exam - for those who want it.

TJYC 1&2
TJYC I&II Mentor disk pdf
TJYC I&II Mentor disk doc 
(Certification Form Only)


TJYC III - Mentor Disk
TJYC III - 7 HabitsJournal

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Download Classic Calls here 

1. The Language of Freedom (Click Here)

2. The Scholarship Ladders (Click Here)

3. SayGoBeDo (Click Here)

4. The Law of the Wall (Click Here)

5. Writing Part 1 (Click Here)

6. Writing Part 2 (Click Here)

7. How to Inspire Greatness (Click Here)

8. Five Communication levels (Click Here)

9. Seeing in Forms (Click Here)

10. How Liber are you? (Click Here)

 LEMI Philosophy 2018 - with New content!

Schedule of when each LEMI Webinar comes. 

 *Each month, be sure to listen to the Audio Selection listed from the LEMI Classics Audios.

 After listening to the Classic Audio each month, participate in a discussion about it with your local New Commonwealth School (NCS)

Webinar              Topic                                             Presenter          

Aug            Scholar Environments                  Tatiana Fallon        

Sept           Law of the Wall                                Misty Jaques  

Oct            Emotional Intelligence                  Angela Kriel  

Nov         Understanding Forms                  Jenny Baker   

Dec         Personality                                   Diana Petersen    

Jan          Roles of Students & Mentors       Amy Bowler     

Feb         Writing                                         Kathy Mellor   

Mar         Know, Feel, Do                            Tatiana Fallon

Apr         Slow Learning                              Vernie DeMille         

May        SayGoBeDo                                  Camille McCausland  

Library of Free Downloads for current LEMI Mentors: 
Click the title to Download.


Join Tiffany and Aneladee as they tell you where the term "SayGoBeDo" came from and how it works. Take the challenge to document, follow, then record your own SayGoBeDo moments and see the change it makes in your life! 
This is not an audio of the book but rather an Audio Conference call on the principle of SayGoBeDo.

How Liber are you? 
Do you know what "liber" means? This LEMI Mentor training conference call will explain what liber is and teach you how to determine how liber you are. Regardless of where you are, this call will inspire you to even greater heights and challenges.

17.5 Meg download 1Hour and 15 minute Call

Scholarship Ladders
It is so essential to know where our kids (not to mention ourselves) are in our education and progression. Not just the phase, but also in our skills, abilities, vision and mission. A great basic tool for new mentors and parents newly introduced to leadership education and a resource experienced mentors should re-visit every year.

Vision Casting

Vision Casting is such a crucial part of building a community or making serious changes in your home, family, community, and world. What is your vision? How can you get others to share your vision? Learn how from this LEMI Mentor training call presented by Tiffany and Aneladee.

1 Hour 24 Minutes, 19.2 Meg Download

The Law of the Wall
Have you ever felt prompted to do something or learn something new? Sure you have! But then things just don't seem to work exactly as you planned. What do you do then? Well, learn about the "Law of the Wall" and how to overcome the inevitable "Roadblocks" that seem to stop you. From this LEMI Mentor training call, learn how to identify where you are on the Path (also called the Hero Cycle), name the specific struggle you are having, and gain the tools to effectively deal with them to continue on your life's mission.  This is an invaluable tool that everyone interested in "becoming" who they were meant to be can't do without. 

2nd Semester Pyramid Project Q & A
Misty Mott answers questions about Second Semester of Pyramid Project.

The Language of Freedom
Join Tiffany and Aneladee in this fun discussion on the way leadership education is changing how our youth (and their families) communicate and interact with one another and the world around them. See what a difference a little Shakespeare can make, or what understanding human nature can make when it is studied and understood.

Homesteading by Melanie Hartzell

How to ask the right Questions? by Tatiana Milne

Essential Mentor Skills by Aneladee Milne

How to Draw Out by Misty Mott
Focusing on the one by Tatiana Milne
New Commonwealth Schools
2nd Semester Pyramid Project Q & A #2 by Misty
Becoming Founders by Vernie DeMille
Student Mentors Panel with Jenny Baker
Georgics #29 onThomas Jefferson
How to plan for the year - Angela Kriel
Keeping youself inspired & avoiding burn out
The Whisperer's Dance - Part 1 by Jenny Baker
The Whisperer's Dance - Part two
Writing - Part one
Writing Part Two
How to Inspire Greatness
5 Communication Levels
Seeing in Forms
Spiritual Creation
A Big Vision w LEMI & Your Community
Assessment - Mentoring Skills...by Tiffany
Common Sense Mentoring - Emotional Boundaries
When to Require by Oliver DeMille
Essential Mentoring Skills - Aneladee Milne
Family Commonwealths
Emotional Regulation & Coaching
Forms of the 21st Century
From the Blind Spot to the Sweet Spot
How to Produce a Show
Am I a Man or a Muppet?
Parent and Mentor Call by Amy Bowler
Nicholeen Peck on Group Parenting
Homesteading Principle Melanie Hartzell
Simulations - Angela Kriel
Special Needs
Spiritual Creation with the one - Heidi and Amy
The Edison Project
Edison Project 
The Power of Connection/ Raising Whole Hearted...
The Law of the Wall
The Checklist
Transfer of Soul
Natural Law _ Trends series
Trend 5 and it's impact on Freedom
The Use of Rhetoric -Trends series
Rights derived from the Government
Relationship Power by Tiffany
Wrap up and Pump up by Kathy Mellor



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