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Scholar Project™


Scholar Project’s™ are freedom enriching thematic units. The goal of each Scholar Project™ thematic unit is to expose students to a specific body of knowledge (such as Shakespeare or the U.S. Constitution) and instill within them a greater vision of themselves by incorporating the five environments of learning. This ultimately entices them to ask the question, “What is the purpose of my life?”

As students gain a greater vision and love for freedom and see themselves as contri-butors to the cause of freedom worldwide, they become motivated to seek and develop their latent vital abilities.  They gain the skills they need to make real impact.


Each of the Scholar Projects incorporates five skill-based elements.

1. Thinking

2. Speaking

3. Writing

4. Computing

5. Reading


Each Scholar Project invites the students to examine their own character by exposing them to great men and women in history.


Scholar Projects™

Climb the scholar ladders through Scholar Projects™       


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