Our Goal and Purpose at LEMI is to inspire greatness in our students and mentors.

The Scholar Projects are designed to develop Leadership.
  Each Scholar Project is a Leadership Project!

In fact, each Scholar Project is a:

  • Leadership Project
  • Scholar Skills Project
  • Writing Project 
  • History Project
  • Logic/Reasoning Project
  • Focus on Vision, Mission, Ability, and Skill
  • And More!

LEMI's Youth Scholar Projects are geared toward students ages 12-18.  Students usually begin with us studying two hours a day. After completing the LEMI Scholar Projects and following the LEMI Continuum, a student generally is studying eight to ten hours a day and is ready for a full on Liberal Arts Mentor.

At LEMI we take a Leadership focus on Education. 

We believe it is the student's job to educate and the teacher's job to teach.  The student is empowered to educate herself and the teacher/mentor is empowered to inspire the student to put the necessary work in to get a world-class education!

This is very different from the educational philosophy based on manipulation and force, where the teacher's job is to make sure the student learns, being paid according to leaving no one behind.

We believe in the student's Right to Fail
.  The mentor's job is to
Inspire the Student to Succeed.  The choice to learn rests upon the students themselves.

That is why our students do so well.  They take responsibility and ownership for their education.

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