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  Click Here for Free Download     Learning “how to think” rather than “what to think” or specialized “when to think” means seeing patterns, systems, and forms.  Every book ever written, every song ever sung, every life ever lived is a canvass of what “forms” are believed and promoted by the authors!  Learn how to see what forms you are promoting, whether on purpose or not, and what that means to fulfilling your mission and unique contribution.  Being able to “see” forms enables statesmen to accurately “name the problem” and thereby come to solutions that can actually solve the real problems of today.  A must for producers.

WHY study forms:
 1.      Forms bring order and structure
 2.      Enables us to accurately name problems, which is the first step to solving problems.
3.      Helps us identify our mission
Skills for “seeing” forms:
    1. Pattern Recognition
    2. Judging Truth.  C.S. Lewis learned to judge truth through:
        a. Reason
        b. Revelation (Personal and Cannon)
        c. Personal Experience
        d. Historicity
3. Exposure to the Liberal Arts/World class education

Questions to let you know you are on your way:
Core Phase:  To whom have you made your allegiance?
Love of Learning: 1. Do you love the change enough to go through the pain of learning?  2. Have you felt joy?
Scholar Phase: Can you see patterns and think in terms of forms, discerning natural results?
Depth: Which forms have you mastered, and which forms have you become expert in?
Mission: Which forms are you supporting by the life you live?
Your Job:
-see patterns
-make connections
- promote the right forms

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