Certification Policy

LEMI Certifications--NEW policy effective
March 1, 2011

Remember--To certify is optional.  Anyone can take LEMI Scholar Projects, and certifying officially from LEMI is not mandatory.  It allows other institutions to grant credits, as well as give students an official record in their academic portfolio.

If you (Parents, or Mentors, or Students) are interested in LEMI officially recognizing, and passing on the academic certification to other institutions for credit, the completion of various LEMI Scholar Projects, read the following and complete the instructions:

1. Complete the Scholar Project.
2. Fill out the "Certification Request Form" and send in to LEMI at 594 N 1100 W, St. George, UT or Email to OfficeLEMI@gmail.com.
3. Attach appropriate Certification fees. or PayPal OfficeLEMI@gmail.com with a note of which certifications it pays for.
4. Take appropriate pre-algebra exam. 
5. If Transferring - Request that Certification proof be sent to appropriate institution.

To receive an official certification that you have completed any of the following Scholar Projects, do the 4 steps above, and send in the following fees:

Key of Liberty:  $15.00 Certification Fee
Sword of Freedom: $10.00 Certification Fee 
Shakespeare Conquest
:  $15.00 Certification Fee
Pyramid Project: $25.00 Certification Fee
Quest 1, 2, & 3 Certification:  $100.00

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Transfer your LEMI credit. 

For LEMI to Williamsburg Transfer Information Click Here.

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Copy and Print this out to request Certification:
Download the PDF: Click Here.

LEMI Certification Request Form

Student Full Name:______________________________________
School Name:___________________________________________

Fees enclosed--Check each that applies:
________  $15.00 Key of Liberty
________  $10.00 Sword of Freedom
________  $15.00 Shakespeare Conquest
________  $25.00 Pyramid Project
________  $100.00 Quest 1, 2 & 3 Certification

(This form can be sent in each time you complete a scholar project, or at the end of completing them all)

 Scholar Project Mentor Signature  Date Completed 
 Key of Liberty    
 Sword of Freedom    
 Shakespeare Conquest    
 Pyramid Project    
 PP pre-algebra exam    
 Quest 1 and 2    
 Quest 3    

In order to certify in Pyramid Project, the pre-algebra exam must be completed and passed.  Exam Administrator (Parent or Mentor) Click here for the exam.   Send completed exam in also, showing student's work.  Student must achieve 70% or higher for the credit.

Today's Date: __________________________________________

Parent Signature:_______________________________________

Student Signature:_____________________________________

Be sure you have enclosed the following before the deadline of July 15th:
1. This Certification Request Form
2. Certification fees.
3. Include the Pre-algebra exam, if you are certifying in Pyramid Project.

Scan and email to officelemi@gmail.com or Fax to: 435-226-2665
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