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"...I never viewed myself as scholarly until now.  I am reading more than I did in high school and college and enjoying every minute of it."

"...I’m starting to realize that I have specific geniuses, that there is greatness in me, and I can give something of value to others."

"...Through this course, I’m realizing who I am and what I have to offer and that God has created me for a purpose and it is transforming my life.”

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Improving Education- Around the World!

Dear Home Schooling Parent,
Leadership Education is not just an educational philosophy but rather it is a family and community culture.  When you choose a Leadership Education for your family, there are many new principles that it incorporates, including:

 *A Core Book1 - A book(s) that contain your values. 
    *Leadership - Both in the Home and Community
    *Virtue - Both private and public
    *Education in phases - Including your own
    *Actively mentoring your children through their education.
    *Family involvement- parents taking responsibility with their children to guide, direct, and own the education of the family members.

These principles are part of a culture that is not found in every neighborhood.  So when people sense their value, they immediately start trying to find others to join with them in their culture, for themselves and especially for their adolescent youth.

One pattern that we see is that homeschooling families are pretty comfortable with the pre-school2 through elementary3 ages.  The very idea of these two ages is liberating to most people because it is refreshing to be able to do what seems natural.  However, the  scholar phase4 does not have
the same natural feel because most people who are educated in public education today did not experience a scholar phase themselves.  Scholar Phase is the phase of education where a student puts in thousands of hours studying the classics of all-time, learning how to think, shaping their hearts and minds, and obtaining the kind of education that is required for freedom.  It is also where the Scholarship Ladders become essential.

Scholar Phase can be broken down into four parts: 

    1. Practice:
  when a student begins to gain scholar skills in reading, writing, thinking, computing, etc. to such a degree that they become independent thinkers.  At first it takes a lot of practice and looks inconsistent, in time it becomes easier and easier and the student's ability to focus increases. 
    2. Apprentice: study hours are doubled once again, from four to eight.  This is the bottleneck of scholar phase, where many, many scholar skills are learned so that the student's time can be used effectively.
    3. Self-Directed: this is "The Bar" where a student has proven that they have the skills and abilities to read anything, speak persuasively, write persuasively, obtain the mentors they desire, work with mentors, and think.
    4. Mentored: this is usually done at college.

Although there are many ways to accomplish scholar phase, LEMI has provided methods, tools, and mentoring to assist both parents and youth to progress through the various levels of scholar phase as they prepare for a broad, deep study of the

 The Scholarship Ladders-

We have found that there are 5 things, which if met, pull a student through Scholar Phase.  We call these 5 things, The Scholarship Ladders.  If each Scholarship Ladder is used correctly then teenagers and adults alike will willingly do the hard work of obtaining an education for sovereignty.

We offer training in the Scholarship Ladders by teaching The Art of Mentoring.  We do this by mentoring YOU through the Scholarship Ladders and through your own Scholar Phase.  The best way for you to get a Scholar Phase yourself is for you to:

 1. Pick up any of the missing rungs on the Scholarship Ladder yourself.
 2. Turn around and mentor others through Scholar Phase using the Scholarship Ladders.

The LEMI  Scholar Projects were designed with this in mind.  We have Scholar Projects for adults and we have Scholar Projects for Youth.  After extensive study, we found that everyone  throughout history who had obtained a Scholar Phase had something in common--The Scholarship Ladders.  In other words, no one obtains a Scholar Phase without them....and with them, Scholar Phase is natural.  That is how and why we created the Scholar Projects.

Scholar Projects are freedom enriching thematic units that take students through The Scholarship Ladders.  The goal of each Scholar Project is to expose students to a specific body of knowledge (such as Shakespeare or the U.S. Constitution) and instill within them a greater vision of themselves by incorporating six environments of learning.  This ultimately entices them to ask the question, "What is the purpose of my life?"

As students gain a greater vision and love for freedom and see themselves as contributors to the cause of freedom worldwide, they become motivated to seek and develop their latent vital abilities.  They gain the skills they need to make real impact.

Each of the Scholar Projects incorporates five skill-based elements:
    1.  Thinking
    2.  Speaking
    3.  Writing
    4.  Computing
    5.  Reading

Each Scholar Projects invites the students to examine their own character by exposing them to great
men and women in history.

Not only do we train parents to become Leadership Mentors by mentoring others along The Path of Success and through Scholar Phase, we also encourage homeschooling families to participate in a new school form: The New Commonewealth School.

 The Liber Community School6  brings sovereign families together for the purpose of educating in the Leadership Education model. 

Families that exercise their sovereignty through free and independent family government benefit tremendously by working interdependently with each other.  This community education form7 allows for LEMI Scholar Projects8 to be offered as the core curriculum to teach scholar skills9 and content that is critical to becoming “Liber10.”  As Liber Community Schools are built, both parents are encouraged to be involved in both leadership and mentoring11 in the home and community.

Ready to learn more about the specific
LEMI Scholar Projects?

 LEMI offers Scholar Projects for youth and adults.  
The Liber Community Series involves three adult scholar projects that range from the Love of Learning to Apprentice Scholar level.  They can be utilized in a community for a variety of purposes including:

*Gathering a Leadership Education Community

*Personal Transformation and Education

*Breeding community leadership

*Improving the overall education and virtue of both families and communities

Liber Community Series - 3 Adult Projects

The Gathering Project
   This project may be utilized by those who want to gather a community of families who are interested in being involved in education where the family is at the heart of directing the education of their children. 

The Freedom Project is a study of America's Founding documents and the principles and forms of government.  This project was written for a general audience and has no educational philosophy
involved other than a LEMI trained mentor will be teaching it.  This project can be offered to the parents of homeschool communities and Liber Community schools or it can be offered to broader communities in libraries, churches, community centers, etc.  Any community, small or large will transform as its members have the opportunity to be educated to freedom.

The 5 Pillar Tutorial is an apprentice scholar project which includes a survey of educational philosophy, literature, world views and cycles in history.  Besides many book discussions, participants also have the opportunity to attend writing workshops, practice public speaking, experience oral exams and to receive mentoring from LEMI in the development of scholar skills and abilities through audio downloads.  This project has proven to be very transformational for many people.  This Project is best utilized in a community where the adults have at least a background in a Leadership Education: however, the content is not limited to home school parents, but could be beneficial to all true educators.  LEMI offers a 5 Pillar Certification which participants are encouraged to complete.

These Projects may be the answer to build a culture for your family and community where education, virtue, leadership, and service are valued and deemed fashionable.  As light and truth spread through education and as individuals are exposed to the 5 Pillars of Statesmanship. they will transform, their fears will turn to faith.  When this happens to a mother and a father, families, will be
strengthened and the communities in which they live will rise, and the silent good of this nation will manifest itself.

 LEMI Scholar Projects for Teens:

1. Shakespeare Conquest:
An immersion approach to learning and studying Shakespeare and actor's training.

2. Key of Liberty/Sword of Freedom: The study of the U.S. revolutionary and civil war history and of constitutional principles.

3. Pyramid Project:
The study of truth, logic, math, science, and the characteristics of a scientist as well as earth science and Georgics.

4. Thomas Jefferson Youth Certification: the study of statesmanship and leadership through biography, original documents, classics, Supreme Court cases, worldviews and natural law.

We hope that through our mentoring YOU can obtain the education you are looking for as well as help those you love to do the same!  I have seen countless experiences of both Teens and Adults whose lives have changed because of these Scholar Projects. 

Leadership Education-Sovereign Education
- Education as great leaders of the past such as Benjamin Franklin, John Adams obtained... Education that leads to sovereignty over self, with family, in our communities, nations, and countries.
1. Our Core book(s) is/are a stable measure of truth we use to compare other content (Established with parents, much pondering, and meditation.)
2. Pre-School age children are exposed to all kinds of learning.  Especially from example and in the family environment and small, safe learning groups.
3. Elementary age children thrive in structured, creative environments where exposure and accountability are introduced.
4. Scholar Phase is when we choose in and spend the time needed to educate ourselves. (Usually 8-12 hours a day.) There are 4 phases or levels within Scholar Phase (see above for more.) During Scholar Phase the student climbs the Scholarship Ladders.
5. Classics are books, movies, documents, art etc... that are worth experiencing over and over again because of their greatness.  They teach human nature, cause and effect, and many more lessons that make us think.  
6. Liber Community School - A school form where parents are the governing and voting body, where Scholar Projects are taught, and where Scholar Phase takes place.
7. Forms - Such as government forms, click on the free download above on the right to learn more.
8. Scholar Projects - Projects developed to move adults or youth through the levels of scholarship, developing Vision, Mission, Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge to become Liber.(see Scholar Projects above)
9. Scholar Skills -   1. Thinking 2. Speaking 3. Writing 4. Computing 5. Reading
10. Liber - Initially from tree bark, papyrus was made from bark, those who could read and write could enter into contracts, were wealthy, etc
11. Mentoring - teaching.

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 Our Mission:
Build Community 
Build Family
1.  Training Parent Mentors 
2.  Training
 Leadership Mentors
3.  Inspiring them to mentor Youth and Adults through Scholar Phase and along The Path of All Success.

Building Community

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