SUMMER 2015 TRAINING SCHEDULE                     
JUNE 1- 3 or 3 - 5: Tacoma, Wa   JUNE 6:   Classical Acting in Tacoma                    
         JUNE 11-13:    Tulsa, OK                                     
June 18-20:     Dallas, TexasJUNE 15-17:     Knoxville, Tennessee JUNE 16-18:     Ohio  
JUNE 25-27:     Hurricane, UT  
JULY 9-11:        SLC, Ut  
JULY 23-25:      HEMet, CA  July 21-23: Sword of freedom/Hero Project in Hemet 
JUL 30-AUG 1:  Virginia
Jul 27-29:        Sword of Freedom/ Hero On Line
Jul 29-31:        Key of Liberty on line
Aug 3-5:          Liber Community Series on line
Aug 4-6:          Quest i & ii on line 
Aug 6-8:          Pyramid Project on line
Aug 9-11:        Shakespeare Conquest on line
Aug 11-13:      Georgics on line
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Student Quotes!

Shakespeare is the most amazing experience of my life!        
    Ashley T.

It has helped me to find what I want to be in the world.  And now, it is helping me to achieve it.  
    Jacob H.


Commonwealth is Awesome!  Awesome book too, Inteligro Math.
    Lisa B.

The LEMI program is great!  It helped me learn and grow!
    Sara D.

Commonwealth has been an amazing program for me and I've grown so much because of it!
   Shannon H.

It's awesome.  I have lots of friends and everyone is really nice.  I love it!
   Spencer H.

It's a ton of fun!!
    Ammon G.

I love it.  It's really inspiring and I've learned so much.  I'm so excited to learn more.


I love commonwealth and all the friends I have made there- including two of my best friends.   

I love commonwealth!  The chances to discuss and have mentor feedback is really valuable. 

Commonwealth is fun, motivating, and jam-packed with knowledge!  I look forward to commonwealth every week!  I love it!  

It changed my life.  

Commonwealth is awesome! You get to work through to hard education with your friends.

Commonwealth is a chance for you to get together with like minded youth.  It's a chance to become more INSPIRED than ever before.  

Shakespeare Conquest is so so fun. I LOVE IT!  

I like Key of Liberty because of the books. 

It's a really good growing experience, and you always look back at the hard things you did.  And I'm grateful for the experience!  I learned a lot.

I love commonwealth school.  It is something I look forward to each week.

I loved it so much, and I learned a

I love the way my classes are taught.

Key of Liberty, Shakespeare, Pyramid Project have all been something great for me!

Commonwealth is the best thing ever!  I love it so much!  The classes are amazing and I have awesome friends.  
I love these Classes!  I was shy when I started, but the great teachers and program really inspired me.            
Unrecognized Guid format.    
“I’m teaching a 5 pillar course.  I was impressed to invite a friend to study with us (SayGoBeDo).  She commented to me that this course is exactly what she needed.  The study of great literature, participating in the colloquia and transformational writing has had a healing effect on her.  I’m finding that it’s changing me also, preparing me to know how to inspire and mentor my children.  I never viewed myself as scholarly until now.  I am reading more than I did in high school and college and enjoying every minute of it.  I’m starting to realize that I have specific geniuses, that there is greatness in me, and I can give something of value to others.  Through this course I’m realizing who I am and what I have to offer and that God has created me for a purpose and it is transforming my life.” 
   Rebecca A.

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Salt Lake City Training will be held July 9-11th, 2015.

LEMI Philosophy

 or "How to Mentor Your Teen"
Scholar Projects - Why do them?
Click here for definitions, terms and explanations.
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The Hero Project will now be offered in conjunction with Sword of Freedom
 for a full length 3 day training!

This amazing class is designed to empower our current Hero Generation to form a link to the Hero Generation of World War II. Through getting to know these amazing men and women who won the War, they will learn what qualities Heroes have. They will see what is required of a Hero Generation, and gain a desire to emulate those individuals they study. Students will be mentored by both the living and the dead by hearing their stories, being invited behind the scenes, and coming to understand that each and every person has a unique mission to perform in this life. Eisenhower didn't win the War. Churchill didn't win the War. The man swabbing the deck did. The man who built the plane did. The women who put together the code breaking machines did. They all had their part in the ultimate victory, and it wouldn't have happened without each and every one of them working together toward a common goal.  This Scholar Project can be presented in a one or two semester class - both approaches are in the mentor manual.

All New Self-Directed Scholar Project
The Edison Project

What happens after Key of Liberty, Shakespeare Conquest, Pyramid Project and QUEST? 
The Edison Project,
 that's what.

Offered only at the SLC training in Utah this year. Each home school group or commonwealth
school should do whatever it takes to get 2 mentors trained in this ALL NEW training.

"It's amazing!  My daughter grew so much. She's become the woman I've known was inside of her.  I am so grateful for how much she grew while taking this project.  My daughter is going to college almost two years ahead of her peers and this project helped!"  Is what one mother said of her child.

"My son created the most amazing plan.  It involved books, it involved classes; it involved working with professionals in his area of interest.  It involved courage and compassion.  And in the end he was a new person, filled with the confidence that he could achieve his dreams."--Mother of student in the Edison Project.

Students develop their own specific area of interest, create a detailed plan with the mentor and then pursue it.  They master the knowledge of the 6 Powers: Knowledge Power, Task Power, Authority Power, Relationship Power, Material Power, & Personal Power. They learn the skill of how to turn the seemingly unattainable into reachable steps.  They learn how to engage the specific mentors required to fulfill their dreams.  They become life-long learners.  They create. They show courage.  And they change. Don't miss out.  Sign up now. (Space is limited.)  Your children will benefit greatly!

Key of Liberty Scholar Project
Mentors learn to coach their students in this two-semester program in the
study of the American Revolutionary War period, the United States Constitution,
and other founding documents. Directed to 12- to 15-year-old Practice Scholars,
this class offers an inspiring environment in which students are challenged to learn
about many principles of government and read biographies of the founders.

Liber Community Series Adult Scholar Project
This training is for those interested in beginning a community adult class. Mentors will be trained in three adult projects. The Gathering Project an introduction to basic family classics and philosophy of A Leadership Education. The Freedom Project an introduction to the classics that influenced the founders of the United States Constitution. The Five Pillar Tutorial which is a scholar class that introduces participants to a survey of classics.
This class will assist students who are interested in pursuing the Five Pillar Certification. Five Pillar coordinators will be given a systematized weekly schedule, which will lead students through a two-year program perfectly suited for home-schooling moms and working dads. This class offers wonderful opportunities for practicing public speaking, oral exams, receive inspiring lectures, and participate in group discussions using the Five Pillar books.
(More- click Here!)
Pyramid Project Scholar Project
Mentors learn a whole new approach to math and science focused on a holistic method.
The study of the subject of truth;
Its structure - Logic; Its method - Habits of a Scientist:
and its language - Math.
Learn how to use Logic,
Science and Math in order to get to the truth.
2nd semester is Pyramid Project Philosophy.
2nd Semester added
 Georgics not included in 2015.  It will be it's own 2 semester project.

Georgics Project will be it's own project in 2015!
 (NEW as a Stand Alone expanded two semester Project in 2015)
Learn to Garden and Learn about Principles of
Providence, Self Validation, Mission, Real-Estate Ownership, Community Stewardship, Entrepreneurship and more...
 picture soon to come

 Thomas Jefferson Youth Certification (TJYC)
Now renamed: QUEST I & II
Levels 1 & 2 Scholar Project

Mentors learn to introduce students to the greatest statesmen of history and to the details of A Leadership Education. Directed towards the Apprentice Scholar, this class is an
intensive research and writing course. Each student receives individual coaching with a writing mentor. (This should be arranged by the TJYC mentor, so invite the writing mentor to the training.) The student also has opportunities to read great literature and learn self management skills.

Level 3 Scholar Project

A continuation in TJYC (Quest,) but intensified and more advanced.  Students
really dig in and learn how to read better, write better, understand
documents in depth and public speaking.

Shakespeare Conquest Scholar Project
Mentors learn to introduce their students to the greatest poet-philosopher of all time. In this class, students are challenged to read, listen to or watch 7 to 17 Shakespeare plays. They learn who Shakespeare was, his insights into human nature and many aspects of his poetry. They are exposed to the heightened language by performing a play at the end of this  intensive acting course.  In spite of the work, the students come back for more.
 Sword of Freedom Scholar Project will now be offered in a full length 3 day training with the Hero Project!
            This project is about the Civil War
Are you for The North or The South? Experience a new birth of freedom through this project and the study of the men and women of the time. The project includes simulations, great classic books, presentations, and more!

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 Man Or Muppet? (May 10th)
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The Edison Project - Self-Directed Scholar Project.  

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